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Indoor and outdoor display:

bet on LCD technology!

Dynamic LCDs are in demand! More and more popular for communication both in store windows and inside stores, LCD screens have become more and more popular for many reasons.

After explaining these (good) reasons, we will introduce you to digital LCD solutions made in VITRINEMEDIA. And you can read about them right below!

A dynamic full LCD window, for an efficient communication

Attracting the eye of the passer-by is the No. 1 objective of a quality storefront. Thanks to dynamic LCD screens, this objective is much easier to achieve. Did you know, for example, that digital shop windows have on average twice as much impact as a so-called "traditional" shop windows?

To achieve such a result and convert passers-by into customers, it is of course necessary to respect a few criteria such as : 



  •  Screen orientation

Absence of reflections or obstacles is crucial, and so is setting up your screens at the correct height: they should be perfectly visible to passers-by so that they can express their full efficiency. Because that is the objective: capturing the attention of (future) customers in order to make them enter your store!


  •  An optimal setting

Depending on the orientation of your screens (see above), it will obviously be necessary to make some adjustments to get the most out of them. LCD screens offer multiple possibilities in this respect.


  • Quality content

Having the best LCD screens in the world (such as those offered by VITRINEMEDIA) will not exempt you from offering quality content. Quite the contrary! You will have to make sure that what you will broadcast is easily understandable to the largest possible number of people.


Another major advantage with dynamic LCD screens is the possibility to easily and quickly juggle with information, depending for example on your stock level, or seasonality...



"VITRINEMEDIA offers a wide range of LCD solutions to efficiently animate shop windows and store interiors."

affichage dynamique en vitrine, écran lcd vitrinemedia vm verybright
affichage dynamique en vitrine, écran lcd vitrinemedia vm duo, vm wall

VITRINEMEDIA offers a wide range of supports and LCD screens

From VM Light & Play to VIDEOWALL LCD screen walls, VITRINEMEDIA offers a wide range of LCD solutions to efficiently enliven shop windows and store interiors. Here is a small selection: 

- VM Light & Play: Allowing dynamic content to be displayed both inside and outside the stores, this high-brightness 21.5-inch screen, can be used in both portrait and landscape format.


- VM VERYBRIGHT: Even in direct sunlight, this high-brightness screen will energize your shop window without loss of visibility. It is available in 2 formats: 46 and 55 inches.


- VM DUO: Thanks to its double-sided display, the VM DUO offers the possibility to create seamless contact with your customer. Internal and external communication is also possible simultaneously for double efficiency. 

To enliven these screens efficiently and set yourself apart from the competition, our creative studio VM STUDIO is also at your disposal. Do not hesitate to contact us for more information!


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