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Today, competition is raging in the real estate sector. With the development of the digital and the emergence of new technologies, real estate agencies are no longer the only places offering properties for sale or rent. Buyers now have access to numerous online platforms to search for offers corresponding to their needs.

To stand out and convince a potential customer to visit your agency, storefront display is essential... as long as certain rules are followed!

1. Use professional photos

The listings posted in the shop window will be what mainly interests potential customers. In just a few seconds and with a simple glance, they will know whether or not they wish to enter your agency to entrust you with their life project. To encourage them to trust you, it is, thus necessary to take care of your storefront's appearance, especially through the pictures of the properties you are offering for sale and rent.

Good quality, bright and well-framed photos will be twice as likely to attract the attention of future buyers and encourage them to enter your agency. Entrusting a professional with the enhancement of the displayed content can, therefore, be a great help in maintaining the appearance of your storefront. You will then be able to also reuse the images for your website and social networks.

By the same token, a prospect who wishes to entrust you with the sale of their property will have the certainty that the rendering of their accommodation on the listing will be meticulous and sufficiently highlighted

to attract the greatest number of people.

2. Do not display everything in the shop window 

Your window is used to encourage a prospect - buyer or seller! - to push the door of your agency. Once inside, prove to them that they were right to trust you and that you have other properties to offer them than the one that initially caught their attention. This will also be an opportunity for them to explain to you precisely what they are looking for, without focusing on one single property seen in the store window.

On the contrary, a window that is too packed will give the impression that all the properties you are offering for sale or rent are displayed to passers-by. If they do not see any listings that interest them after looking at your storefront, the chances that they will cross the threshold of your agency are decreasing even if other properties could have been of interest to them.

3. Also communicate about the properties you've sold

Don't limit yourself to communicating only about your properties for sale, those that you have sold are equally important! Why? Because they are a reflection of the work you have done and they show potential sellers who would hesitate to entrust you with their property that you are capable of selling properties similar to their own and, therefore, that they can trust you.

“Good quality, bright and well-framed photos will be twice as likely to attract the attention of future buyers and encourage them to enter your agency.”

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4. Vary the types of content

Your window is certainly the best communication for your listings of properties for sale but it can also adopt other functions. Potential sellers or buyers must feel like they want to have confidence in you before entrusting you with their life project and for this reason, they need to know who you are and what your area of expertise is.

Take advantage of the visibility provided by your storefront to display photos of your team, posing or prospecting in the field, for instance. For even greater efficiency, adopt digital signage to broadcast videos of properties you have been entrusted with or content related to your customer catchment area, through which one can discover the neighborhood, for example, or the strategic places located in proximity (post office, schools, town hall, shops, etc.).

5. Choose a luminous display

Light attracts the eye and will not fail to arouse the interest of passers-by regardless of the time of the day when they pass in front of your window. Enhance your properties by adopting a bright display that will highlight the quality of your content and offer your agency with a more beautiful look, even from the opposite sidewalk!


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