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Do real estate crushes truly exist?

Romain Cartier is a real estate expert featured on the "Recherche Appartement ou Maison" show broadcast on French TV channel M6. Every week, he gives his advice to the VITRINEMEDIA community on how to perfect its role as real estate agents and optimize its sales.

Haste when visiting rooms, excitement, big smiles and enthusiastic voices, some heart-stoppers are immediate and very quickly perceptible! During the sale of a property, potential buyers can very quickly imagine themselves in that property and feel that it is "made for them" from the very first minutes, but this is not always the case. Here are some tips to trigger a real estate crush when it does not happen immediately.

Show the property at its best

Although this crush is not systematically triggered during visits, it is nevertheless possible to provoke it in order to maximize the interest of potential buyers for the property for sale. The most important thing for them will be to imagine their future in this property and therefore to easily seeing themselves in it. Unfortunately, not all the properties on sale necessarily allow it: empty properties or, on the contrary, properties that are too cluttered can be a barrier to their imagination. In order to counter this problem, different digital tools now make it possible to visualize the property in order to make it easier for the potential buyer's imagination to run wild. This is the case, for example, of virtual tours that facilitate the visualization of a property through a 360° view and the possibility of arranging it according to the potential buyer's tastes and needs.


Carefully choose the order of rooms to visit

When you conduct a visit, do not hesitate to direct your potential customer to the rooms that will be the most likely to create a crush. If, for example, you know that a large garden is a determining criterion in your customer's property search, put all the chances on your side by starting the visit with that place. The positive impression created will only be beneficial for the remainder of the visit and will allow potential buyers to better themselves in a property that was attractive to them from the beginning.


The secret is listening

Finally, in order to trigger a real estate crush in potential buyers, the key is listening to them. Beyond their search, focus on the details that would make all the difference for them: the room's volumes, the view, an unusual style, a plot with a swimming pool. It is these small details that are often described as "a plus" which, if the visited property visited has them, will make it possible for potential buyers to be charmed at first sight.


Be bold!

Talk extensively with your clients, ask questions and try to understand why these details are so important to them in order to perceive their state of mind and what it means to them. You will then be able to offer them properties that are more in line with their search and perhaps even dwellings on which you wouldn't necessarily have bet initially but that, finally, thanks to this differentiating element, will increase in value and could well be perfect properties for potential buyers.



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