vesta real estate agency symbol

The FNAIM presents VESTA, the 1st caduceus for real estate agents

The Fédération Nationale de l'Immobilier, better known as FNAIM, organized its congress at the Carrousel du Louvre in Paris on 25 and 26 November 2019. During this essential event open to all real estate professionals, many speakers presented their innovative solutions for the housing and real estate sector in France. 

The highlight of this new edition of the show was the unveiling of VESTA, a badge that all real estate agents will be able to display on the front of their agency, just like notaries or lawyers, and which will make it possible to regulate the profession. 

VESTA, what is it?

A little history: VESTA is the goddess of the home and the house in Roman mythology. It was therefore obvious that this ancient figure should be proudly displayed on the first coat of arms that regulates the real estate agent profession.

The creation of this recognition symbol had become necessary: in recent years, and despite the Hoguet law of 2 January 1970 regulating the profession, many indelicate actors had come to discredit the profession in the eyes of the general public through their abusive practices. From now on, with VESTA, there will no longer be any special treatment.

How does VESTA work?

Distributed exclusively by the VITRINEMEDIA group, the VESTA symbol is in the form of a flag sign or wall plaque (small or large model) to be displayed on the façade of one's real estate agency. It will be distributed, on request, to all holders of the professional real estate agent card, property managers and co-ownership trustees.

This clarification tool will allow your clients to know at a glance that you comply with the rules of the profession, which will be a new element of reinsurance for your agency.



“The VESTA symbol is in the form of a flag sign or wall plaque to be displayed on the façade of one's real estate agency."

vesta real estate agency symbol
vesta real estate agency symbol
vm fnaim led poster holder dedicated to the fnaim's member agents

VM FNAIM, the other novelty made in VITRINEMEDIA

En parallèle de cette annonce majeure, VITRINEMEDIA a dévoilé sa nouveauté LED dédiée aux agents adhérents de la FNAIM, sobrement baptisée VM FNAIM.

Permettant d’afficher votre appartenance à la Fédération Nationale de l’Immobilier, - ce qui ne manquera pas de rassurer vos clients ! - ce dispositif d’une luminosité de 5500 Lux est complètement modulable et facile à installer sur votre vitrine.


In parallel with this major announcement, VITRINEMEDIA unveiled its new LED innovation dedicated to FNAIM member agents, soberly named VM FNAIM.

Allowing you to display your membership in the National Real Estate Federation, - which will certainly reassure your customers! - this device 5500 Lux brightness is completely modular and easy to install in your agency window. 

In addition, there are new flag signs, illuminated or not according to your needs, as well as FNAIM stamped studs, which can be placed on the ground or fixed directly to the ceiling.

To find the full range of signage dedicated to FNAIM members, visit the dedicated FNAIM x Vitrinemedia e-shop. 



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