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MaisConsultores #Concept

MaisConsultores #Concept was born from the desire to build a professional and differentiating real estate project in the Samora Correia area, with the family component as the cornerstone.

The main mentor of the project, Nuno Grilo, a person who has been used to digital evolution in the business world for a long time, felt that he needed to take advantage of this added value in terms of storefront communication, which was still treated in the traditional way.


The main objective, given the location of the agency, located in a business hub right on the edge of Estrada Nacional 10, in Samora Correia, was to be able to be present and create an impact that would allow it to be quite visible from the main road, not least because the main storefront is a little set back from that road axis. Thus, it became necessary and imperative to give greater dynamics and luminous impact to the shop windows.

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It was based on these premises that, taking advantage of the existing partnership between the MaisConsultores chain and VitrineMedia, we were asked for advice on the best way to make storefront communication more visible, unique, aesthetic and remarkable.


Thus, the solutions went through a perfect combination between the LED & Digital VitrineMedia solutions. In the LED range, the choice fell on the VM ONE HYBRID model, which allows, through its elegance, to give a distinct and careful style, with details that make the difference.


The configuration was based on the use of A3 and A1 displays to achieve, at the same time, the necessary disclosure of the properties but also to transmit relevant institutional information, whether in terms of recruitment or for the dissemination of services. More Concept Consultants and important area information.

The great importance given to the component of digital tools has always meant that this same aspect could be used for digital storefront communication, through the wide format Verybright Display Monitors range.

To that extent, the natural option, even for the aforementioned distance from the main storefront to the main axis of passage of people but above all vehicles, turned out to be a VideoWall system composed of two 55-inch Verybright Display Monitors, supported by the innovative software of VM Display + content management, whose main advantages include:

- Automatic and daily synchronization with the customer's CRM;

- Create a personalized and unique template;

- Access from any location and mobile device;

- Permanent software assistance.


graphisme couleur studio





The end result was the one that the photos document and that the satisfaction that was conveyed to us by the client testifies. The objective of creating impact and dynamics has been fully achieved, and the difficult thing now is not to be amazed by the harmony that this storefront transmits to us.


Mais Consultores #Concept has VitrineMedia solutions and Samora Correia's store may just be the beginning of a partnership and collaboration that will certainly allow to illuminate the windows of the eventual growth of the Mais Consultores Concept project. Thanks to Nuno Grilo for the confidence, collaboration and satisfaction shown, it is a pleasure to meet and sometimes exceed the expectations of our customers, with truly Remarkable storefronts.


Written by: Hugo Oliveira

Published by: Paula Rego





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