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Real Estate Agencies: How to sell exclusivity ?

You are well placed to understand it: exclusivity is a sort of Alpha and Omega of the real estate agency. The more you are going to negotiate exclusivities, the more your credibility will be significant.

However, exclusivities are not always easy to negotiate with clients, who are sometimes reluctant to work with one and only one agency. We will give you some tips on how to try to break this lock.


Why don't clients want exclusivity to sell their property ?

Before dwelling on the benefits of exclusivity, it is important to understand why exclusivity can scare off sellers.

There are two main reasons why sellers don't want to sign an exclusivity deal with a real estate agency :

  •  Being blocked by an agency

In the minds of many people, working with only one agency for their property means lower visibility when it comes to selling it. Which is far from being true ! Thanks to exclusivity, and in most cases, you will offer additional services, better visibility, thus facilitating the sale, which you would not have offered within the framework of a simple mandate.


  • Not being able to sell by yourse

It is legitimate to think that working with a real estate agency cuts off the potential possibility of selling one's property on one's own. However, here again, this fear is often unfounded.

You have to succeed in getting sellers to trust you, to rid them of the prejudice that is still very much present in their minds. You are nevertheless in the best position to sell their property since you know the geographical area perfectly well.


How can you reassure your clients about the benefits of exclusivity ?

Faced with these legitimate doubts about trusting a single agency, it is your duty to reassure your potential future clients. And we can say it loud and clear: there are only good things about exclusivity!

Thus, to advertise an exclusive property is to create rarity. You have to make the seller aware that a property that is displayed in multiple agencies is not really a guarantee of quality: it would rather tend to hint at some sort of urgency in terms of selling it.

Because a rare property is a desirable property,  a sexy property even, in the eyes of the potential buyer.

Signing an exclusivity deal is also to ensure the seller a sales pitch that you will master from A to Z. Obviously, you will have to be totally attentive to your clients' needs and understand their specific needs and future projects.

Being a real estate agent is a profession in its own right: not everyone can claim to be a negotiator! It is, therefore, necessary to explain and reassure the sellers by showing them, through your services and your methods, that only you are able to sell their house or apartment.

By being convinced yourself of the benefits of exclusivity, whether for your agency or for the property for sale, you can only be convincing in the eyes of the seller. And most of the time, an exclusive property at the right price leads to a successful sale!


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