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Why equip your shop window with a digital display?

More and more real estate agencies and points of sale are opting for one or more LCD screens in their windows. Dynamic, bright and attractive, they have many advantages and attract attention at first glance, even from a distance.

Always more content!

One of the great strengths of the dynamic screen is the multitude of content that you can display in just a few seconds. Templates or real estate listings, advertisements, institutional videos or dynamic content on your new offers or news, you have the choice of what to broadcast in front of your point of sale.

Besides, this content can be changed often and quickly! Through the use of an easy-to-access interface, you can adapt your content to daily needs, current events, offers and promotions to show your customers your expertise, day in and day out. 

Even better, thanks to the best content management software, you can even prioritize certain content at certain times of the day. Why? To adjust what you broadcast to the highlights of your day and adapt to peaks in foot traffic in front of your agency or shop! For example, prioritize listings for properties targeting young families at the time of school drop-offs and pick-ups!

Visibility by day and by night

No need to drop by during opening hours to see current listings and offers. LCD screens allow you to broadcast attractive content at any time of day and even at night! Even better, their resolution and high brightness make your content and messages visible at all hours of the day and night, to pedestrians and road traffic alike, even if your window is exposed to direct sunlight!  

“75 % des visiteurs se souviennent d’une communication sur écran"

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lcd dynamic screens for display cases
lcd dynamic screens for display cases

A screen adapted to your needs

Whether it is completely modular by attaching to an existing installation or ultra-bright, resistant even to the sun's rays reflecting on your storefront, there is necessarily an LCD screen that meets your needs. Depending on the content you want to broadcast and the brightness needed to be visible throughout the day, setting-up dynamic screens will allow you to attract the attention of potential customers and encourage them to cross the threshold of your agency or point of sale.

Digital signage in storefronts has accordingly many advantages that will allow you to communicate in an innovative way to your customers and potential customers. At a time when the digital is at the heart of the customer experience, focus on different content to differentiate yourself from the competition and choose the most appropriate solutions to highlight them and make yourself even more visible!


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