Attract the attention of passers-by thanks to your digital storefront

To get the most out of digital screens in agency windows, VITRINEMEDIA presents VM DISPLAY+, the new software LCD screen content management solution, aimed at real estate agents.

Already running on nearly 2,000 screens in France and Europe, VM DISPLAY+ is connected to the agency's business software and can be used to control the broadcasting of real estate ads and all types of communications from any Internet-connected device.

Of course, VM DISPLAY+ is compatible with all our ultra-high brightness screens, whatever the format and orientation.

Thanks to partitioned screen management, you can even control your video walls, as well as VM VIDEOWALLs, or even ensure the broadcast of several ads and contents simultaneously on a single screen.

VM DISPLAY+ is also the ideal solution for networks and agency groups:

With a single access, you will be able to manage the content of several accounts and control a single screen, several groups of screens, or every screen in your network.

With a Master account, you can even have 100% of the rights for the screens in your network.

You can distribute pictures or video content in several formats specific to your agencies or network.

VM DISPLAY+ is also compatible with the content of the VM LIBRARY, such as your city's weather templates, the horoscope, or content created for seasonal highlights.

You will also be able to distribute the content created exclusively for you by the VM STUDIO, VitrineMedia's brand content agency.


Thanks to NFC and QR codes, passers-by can view your ads on their mobile and find in two clicks the properties that best suit them! A complimentary service to turn your agency into a must for your customers, buyers, and sellers!

pictogramme écran

Automatic integration of your properties directly from your transaction software

pictogramme pinceau

Layout of ads and mandates according to your graphic charter

pictogramme souris

Manual or automatic publication of properties on screens

pictogramme étoile

Highlight your exclusives, your favorites

pictogramme quadrillage

Use tailor-made templates

pictogramme quadrillage

Customer support and assistance

pictogramme image

Ad display timing management (for listings and images) on each of the broadcast zones

pictogramme horloge

Ad duration definition (mandates or communication)

pictogramme fichier

Media file integration (PDF, jpg, png, swf, mp4)

pictogramme multi fichier

Multi-site management console, ideal for networks and groups of branches

pictogramme engrenage

Management of accounts of different levels for networks and real estate groups

pictogramme engrenage

Compatible with VM ADS, the new advertising network service

VM DISPLAY+ also allows you to broadcast 100% customizable content, for a storefront that looks like you alone:

  • Thanks to the EASY mode, you simply define your filters on each of your screens (exclusivity, type of property, etc.);
  • The SPOT function allows you to assign a playlist to a particular moment. For example, choose to display rental ads at the low points of your day, and highlight your exclusive or prestige properties during peak periods in front of your shop window!

To showcase your agency's and your brand's expertise, exclusive gateways are available to highlight your content such as OpinionSystem, MeilleurAgents or Immodvisor ratings, or your Facebook and Instagram content!


In short, VM DISPLAY + is a powerful tool, as versatile as it is accessible, that will allow you to take advantage of the high potential of the VITRINEMEDIA range of screens and make your agency truly remarkable.

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