Didier Tixador Formations


Didier Tixador is a former real estate agent, he's worked as a real estate agent for 25 years at the head of his own agency. He then became sales and marketing director at SLB / FNAIM.

He has been an ESI trainer for 20 years with more than 1000 training courses to his credit.

Didier decided to set up tailor-made trainings and coaching based on his experience in real estate, his knowledge in technical marketing and IT.

He positions himself as an expert and above all provides solutions, tools and accompanies the trainees in the setting up.

The trainings are mainly face-to-face but also in E-learning! 

Didier Tixador offers you different types of training: 

  • Digital Transformation
  • Digital Tools
  • Marketing
  • Exclusive mandate
  • Implementing relevant tools within the agencies' strategy
  • Work on automation and processes (productivity increase and money saving)
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Do you know Didier a little better and would you like to participate in one of his training courses?

Nothing could be simpler! Go to his website to choose the course that suits you and become a real estate expert! 

Discover Didier Tixador's advice to get back to business after the lockdown!