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Palmarès de l'Immobilier, 2020 edition: registrations are open !

The Palmarès de l'Immobilier is back!

This 2020 edition is jointly organized by VITRINEMEDIA, My Sweet'Immo, Bientôt-Vendu, and Opinion System. The FNAIM also became the event's official partner. The co-organizers will reward real estate agencies with 14 different awards (see below).


100 future nominees will have until October 25, 2020, to register for this new edition, while the prizes will be awarded on Monday, November 23, 2020, during the FNAIM Congress and Real Estate Professionals' Show. Let's go into all the details in the following lines!

14 different awards given out during the evening

"Recognition of the work provided by the team", "The trophy comes to consolidate our seriousness and our notoriety near our customers", or still "The trophy reassures my selling customers on about my professionalism": the opinions on the benefits of the Real-estate awards are unanimous within the profession.

 Last year 13 trophies were awarded to the winners of the 6th edition. This year, 14 different trophies will be awarded to the best agencies in France, with a new award: the Women's Real Estate Award. They will be distributed as such:

 - 2 Trophies per region group (Île de France, North-East, North-West, Rhône-Alpes, South-West, South-East),

- 1 Trophy for the Jury Prize 2020

- 1 Trophy for the Women's Real Estate Award 2020

 The overall distribution of regions is available at this address.

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Several evaluation criteria according to the selection stages

To be part of the 36 finalists present at the awards night, the 100 nominees will have to submit to the following 4 criteria:

-   Number of sales in 2019

- Evolution of sales between 2017 and 2019 (agencies with a turnover of 0€ in 2017 can apply!)

-   Number of employees and negotiators in 2019

-   Rate of exclusive mandates in 2019


The number of sales in 2020 is not studied this year. Agency networks will only have to register once for the entire network.


The final evaluation, which will reward 14 proud agencies, will be based on the criteria below:

- The quality of the customer relationship: Google, Facebook, Opinion System, or Best Agents will be taken into account.

- The quality of the website: responsive, secure site, details of the activities and services offered by the agency.

- The quality of the point of sale: the dynamism of the agency, consistency of colors, layout of the window ...

- The quality of the photos published on the ads: use of a wide-angle lens, mastery of framing, lighting, and staging ...

- The quality of the ads: presence of the ECD, quality of the texts, digital aspects (virtual tour available, for example)

- The rate of exclusive mandates signed: over the whole year 2019

Members of the Jury and sponsors from the real estate world

The 4 co-organizers of the Palmarès de l'Immobilier 2020 are well-known names in the real estate world. Besides VITRINEMEDIA (which you already know well), you'll find :

- Marc Jelensperger, the founder of 

- Samantha Domingues, Deputy Executive Director of Opinion System

- Ariane Artinian, the editorial director of My Sweet Immo and Le Journal de l'Agence


Many sponsors have also joined the adventure, such as Bien'Ici, Meilleurs Agents, Nodalview, Plan-it-All, or IN&FI Crédits.

Radio shows available as a podcast

To accompany the event, Radio Immo is adapting its programming: a first broadcast took place on October 8, 2020, and a live broadcast will cover the event on the evening of the awards ceremony. Finally, 2 winners will deliver their impressions on November 24th, the day after the event.

 Discover the program in replay on the Radio-Immo website.

 To apply for this long-awaited 2020 edition, go to the Palmarès de l'Immobilier's website!

Good luck to all of you.









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