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Lightwall - Illuminated textile frame

VM Lightwall

Illuminated textile frames for indoor communication

For internal communication, to highlight your products and offers, or even for decorative purposes, discover the new Vitrinemedia product: the illuminated textile frame that lets you communicate inside your points of sale.

The backlit frame enhances the colours of your Light Wall. Your visual is enhanced by a high-quality, durable and attractive canvas. 

These visuals are fully customisable and the textile fabric is easily interchangeable, so you can vary your communications.

The VM Lightwall to highlight your visuals in interior

Take your point-of-sale communication to the next level



Quick and easy

Light and thin

VM Lighwall - illuminated product in interior

Tailored to every project

Available in all formats from 40cm x 40cm and up to several metres in height and width, the Lightwall will adapt to your projects. The light frame is available in white or brushed aluminium.

As an option, the VM Timer can be used to automatically switch the Lightwall on and off.