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Real estate: don't neglect the layout of your agency!

It is often said that it only takes a few seconds to know if the property you are visiting will be the right one or not. And what if it was the same when choosing a real estate agency?

Poorly chosen colours, low-quality furniture, or lack of brightness are all obstacles to the proper perception of your agency, and therefore to its potential success. Let's see together which elements you can easily put in place to enhance the layout of your workplace.

The storefront, your agency's key element

It will come as no surprise to you that a company called VITRINEMEDIA places storefronts and shop windows at the very top of the list when it comes to essential elements for your professional success. And for a good reason: it is the very first point of contact between you and your potential future client, who will be able to gauge the agency he or she is looking at with a single glance.

To make your shop window sexier (let's put it that way), don't hesitate to bet on its digitalization, at least in part: a few carefully placed dynamic screens, highlighting your flagship assets, for example, are sure to catch the eye. But don't forget the LED display holders, which have more than proven their worth: a clever mix of both technologies will make your shop window sufficiently attractive.

Generally speaking, you should be careful not to overload your window, for two main reasons: highlighting too many properties is tantamount to highlighting none, (the customer's gaze will not now where to focus), and the passer-by will not be able to see the life going on in the agency, which is in itself very important. 

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Reception, a key part of your agency

The reception area of the real estate agency is not to be neglected: while he or she will potentially have to wait there a few minutes for your availability, your client will have plenty of time to ask himself or herself a thousand and one questions. It is therefore important to make sure that the questions he asks himself do not lead him or her straight to the exit.

This place will have to be warm and cozy, with a sofa or comfortable armchairs. As for the walls, they should be painted in a reassuring color, such as blue or green, for example. Avoid as much as possible aggressive or flashy colors, such as red or pink (especially if used excessively).

Also, place here and there some information about your agency: why not highlight your recent successful sales (an element of reassurance), photos of your employees, or a reminder of your values and commitments? 

Offices or open space?

As far as the rest of the agency is concerned, we personally have no preference between several offices or an open space shared between collaborators. It's up to you to decide what best reflects your personality.

However, whatever your choice in this respect, the decoration should be in line with the general codes of your agency: choice of colours, materials, furnishings... It may be relevant to consult your staff regarding the overall decoration of the agency: after all, it is also where they will spend part of their time.

In any case, avoid overloaded decorations, and take care to evolve in an impeccably tidy environment, otherwise your client will have a very poor image of you.

Another very important point (and this will be the last of this article): make sure that the light floods the place as much as possible. Because light is life!


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