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Discover all that VITRINEMEDIA can do for you!

For more than 15 years, VITRINEMEDIA has been developing a wide range of products and solutions designed to make real estate professionals ever more remarkable.

From the creation of LED displays and backlit poster holders for shop windows, to digital solutions and LCD screens for real estate agents, Vitrinemedia has always made the visibility of the real estate agency its priority and the common thread of its innovations.

It is by developing a whole range of quality products (LED displays and backlit poster holders, LCD screens...), but also by multiplying services (creation of signs, communication agency), that we have reached this level of excellence and quality. A small, non-exhaustive reminder of everything Vitrinemedia offers its customers to go even further in highlighting their activity and their know-how.

Products at the cutting edge of technology

This is where it all started: with the creation of backlit poster holders and high-end LCD screens, VITRINEMEDIA has become the reference partner for real estate agents.

From the VM VERYBRIGHT, which brightens up agency windows even in direct sunlight, to the VM DUO, the dynamic double-sided screen, Vitrinemedia has been able to respond to all the specificities of the trade with brilliance and professionalism.

Management software, such as VM LIVE or VM DISPLAY+, which allow mandates and communication content to be displayed on screen, thanks to their gateway to all existing transaction software, have also made life easier for hundreds of real estate agents around the world when it comes to gaining visibility and flexibility of use.

A wide range of services for real estate agencies

In addition to the products, Vitrinemedia has strived over the years to develop a whole range of services, each one more useful than the other, specially designed for real estate professionals and retailers, in France and abroad.

 Entirely composed of specialists in real estate matters, VM AGENCY creates all the print and digital communication tools needed by real estate agents.

The team of designers and creatives develops your agency concepts, installs your illuminated signs and LED blocks, and installs your signage elements, in windows as well as inside your agencies and stores. 



To enable agencies to remain at the cutting edge of technology while facilitating investments and preserving their cash flow, Vitrinemedia created a new business unit in 2020, dedicated to financial leasing: VITRINEMEDIA FINANCIAL SERVICES. This service, unique on the market, is presented in detail here.

In short, Vitrinemedia gives its customers access to the best hardware solutions on the market (LCD screens, signs, digital solutions) through the payment of a rental fee, instead of a purchase fee. It's the best way to take advantage of the latest generation of hardware, and enjoy extended warranties for the duration of the contracts (3 to 5 years)!


Several times a month, find training and exchange sessions entirely free of charge and intended for real estate professionals, agencies, and agents.

Created during the health crisis, VISIBBLE ADS is a powerful tool for lead generation and visibility of your mandates, online.

And let's not forget VM APPS, which allows you to make the most of your screens thanks to intelligent content, such as Opinion System opinions, weather or local news, the VM LIBRARY, which gathers all the content created by the VM STUDIO, or the Real Estate Awards, an event co-organized for the past 7 years by VITRINEMEDIA which rewards the most deserving agencies.


Strong commitments for the success of all real estate agencies

Since its creation, VITRINEMEDIA has been committed to providing its customers with an irreproachable customer experience.

Thanks to a team of 200 people worldwide, 3 sites in France (Boulogne-Billancourt for the headquarters, a logistics site north of Paris and a development and support team in Montpellier), and more than 20 technical sales representatives and installers throughout France and close to its customers, Vitrinemedia is constantly striving to be the partner of reference for real estate professionals.

15 years later, this desire to sublimate your ads and listings remains unchanged. VITRINEMEDIA continues to offer you high-performance on and offline solutions to give you twice as much visibility!









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