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Do you need to be a born salesperson to do this job?

Romain Cartier is a real estate expert featured on the "Recherche Appartement ou Maison" show broadcast on French TV channel M6. Every week, he gives his advice to the VITRINEMEDIA community on how to perfect its role as real estate agents and optimize its sales.

It goes without saying that being a born salesperson and having interpersonal skills are essential qualities when it comes to practising the real estate agent profession. In every daily situation, the trade entails knowing how properly express oneself, to make clear sales arguments, to prospect, to succeed in convincing new customers and finally, to negotiate. to prospect, to succeed in convincing new customers and finally to negotiate. It is therefore an inevitable quality for practising this profession under the best conditions. However, the very essence of this profession does not lie entirely in your ability to act like a good salesman and having commercial skills is not everything. The real estate agent business is above all a about contacts and relationships. One's priority will then be to help one's customers finding or selling a property under the best conditions.

Beyond the relational aspect, which still represents a very large proportion of the job, it is particularly important to highlight the human side. The real estate agent profession requires great human qualities such as listening, sharing and empathy,
which will allow you to practice your profession under the best conditions and to easily gain the trust of your customers. Indeed, they are entrusting you with their life project. Whether it is to buy, sell or rent a property, it will be for them a key milestone during which they need to be supported and which should therefore not be taken lightly. In order to precisely identify what they are looking for or aspiring to, listening to them and asking questions to understand them correctly will be necessary and the agent should absolutely not ignore that. Reassured and confident customers will find it much easier to engage in serene research with you and to envisage themselves in their future life.


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