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Financial leasing contracts: All our answers to your questions

Financial leasing is amazing! And we don't say that just because it rhymes: at VITRINEMEDIA, we absolutely believe it is. After having introduced you to the differences between financial leasing and traditional credits, and also to the benefits for your company, we will address in this article a whole series of questions that you might still be asking yourself!

When does a financial leasing contract begin?

It is legitimate to wonder when does your VITRINEMEDIA FINANCIAL SERVICES contract really start. It couldn't be simpler: when you receive, your equipment installation form electronically, you must put a date on it. It is this date that will then determine the start of your payments.

When are the monthly payments due?

Once your equipment has been installed and your delivery slip has been signed, the contract is therefore established. And you may be wondering when the automatic payments will be collected.

You should know that quarterly payments are made at the end of the term: that is to say that your subscription is charged for the 3 months to come, and not those that have passed.

We systematically set up a quarterly contract to facilitate your accounting management (4 invoices during the year), and above all to allow you to enjoy more attractive pricing conditions than on a monthly basis.


It's something that can happen (but rest assured, it's a rare occurrence!); your equipment breaks down. And then you wonder what the solutions are.

Fortunately, and thanks to your financial leasing contract, you automatically benefit from an extended warranty on the equipment: by simply contacting VITRINEMEDIA's after-sales service, you will receive assistance in the repair - or replacement, if necessary - of the equipment.

 That's it: you are now well acquainted with financial leasing and VITRINEMEDIA FINANCIAL SERVICES! Enticed by our offer? Contact your sales representative now, who will be happy to tell you more and set it all up with you.









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