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How to use digital signage effectively?

Have you decided to opt for digital displays in your storefront to increase your visibility and attract new prospects? Good idea! Here are some tips to make the most of your LCD screen and make a difference through controlled digital communication.

Take care of your content

A digital screen immediately catches the eye.

Good news, since that's precisely why you installed it in your storefront! In just a few seconds, passers-by will form an opinion on what is being displayed and this will make them want to stay and consult your offers, or not.

For this reason, it is imperative to take care of the content you promote digitally.

Beautiful photos, impeccable spelling and a carefully chosen diffusion rhythm will allow you to take full advantage of your digital screen and encourage potential customers to stop in front of your store and cross your agency or point of sale's threshold.

Use content software

Generally quite simple to use, content software allows you to control your digital screen remotely with just a few clicks. VITRINEMEDIA offers, for example, the VM LIVE software that allows you to choose the rhythm and order of your ads, announcements, and videos and to modify it according to the content you want to highlight.

The advantage of this software is that it also has a digital interface on which templates made available to customers for their daily or recurring communications (weather, horoscopes, ephemerides) and occasional events (Mother's Day, Football World Cup, National Day) are published.

“A digital screen immediately catches the eye”

dynamic display in window, lcd vitrinemedia vm verybright screen
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Train your team to use it

An LCD screen in a window should not be a constraint, quite to the contrary! For this purpose, don't limit its use to just one person; teach the rest of your team how to use it so that you can all change the content regularly and at your convenience.

In addition to feeling invested, your team will be able to update the ads and offers you want to broadcast and access the content software for you when you are not available. This will save you time while taking full advantage of your digital display. 

A genuine digital communication tool, a digital screen offers a multitude of functionalities if it is used efficiently. Using content software will allow you to control window displays to capture the attention of passers-by at first glance and turn them into potential customers. 


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