Nodalview, the photo and video solution for real estate agents

You know it better than anyone: real estate agent and photographer are two radically different professions, which are sometimes complicated to reconcile daily in your business. However, the latter requires quality photos or videos to attract customers to your agency. 

Fortunately, Nodalview has the solution: an application that replaces the photographer's technical eye with artificial intelligence and delivers professional-quality photos and videos!

The VITRINEMEDIA team reveals everything about this superb start-up, an excellent ally for real estate agents who want to perform! 

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What is Nodalview?

Nodalview is a smartphone application that will boost the visibility of your real estate ads. In no time at all, you will be able to create high-quality visuals, and thus sublimate your properties without the slightest effort.

The Nodalview application can measure ambient light and professionally adapt the shots: everything is automated, and all you have to do is shoot!

Nodalview gives you access to several modules: 

- HDR photos

Thanks to continuous shooting (11 photos), the application will optimize the performance of your smartphone. The photos will then be processed on Nodalview's servers to get the most out of them.

 Once in the cloud, your photos are available and usable in one click.

- Panoramas 360°

Very simply, you will be able to create very immersive 360° panoramas thanks to a specially designed supplied kit (compact and adjustable tripod + wide-angle lens). 

The modelization of your photos is done automatically, without multiplying the number of shots.

- Vidéos

By mixing HDR photos and panoramas in a single video, you will very easily be able to create new and high-quality content for your screens.

The opportunity for you to personalize the sale of the property and to tell a story about it!

What are the benefits for real estate agents?

The main benefit of the Nodalview application is saving time: if you were taking your own photos, you will no longer need to process them in post-production to get the most out of them.

If you were using an independent photographer, you would know that the financial cost is far from being insignificant. Thanks to the application, you will be able to manage your photos yourself, without any effort. 

Finally, Nodalview will be a real added value for your company as you will stand out from other real estate agencies thanks to very high-quality content.

How to use Nodalview photos and videos

Once your photos and videos are created by the Nodalview application, there will be a thousand and one ways to use the content.

Thus, your LCD screens in your storefront will be happy to welcome these high-quality visuals. No doubt that thanks to these visuals, your windows will look completely different.

Our VM BACKLIGHT can be used for the mandates printed by yourself and enhanced by the photos taken thanks to the application.

How much does the Nodalview application cost?

Several subscription options are available to enjoy the benefits of the Nodalview application. 

The first one, at 59€/month, allows up to 3 users. It guarantees unlimited HDR photo taking, with 24/7 assistance.

The second, at 99€/month, has the same advantages as the first formula, while adding 360° 8K panoramas.

Finally, the last formula is at 139€/month, it allows you to extract unlimited HD videos and gives you access to a lot of statistics.


Real estate agents, you finally have the perfect tool to make your shootings a success and transform your advertisements into exceptional sales tools - whether they are for use in LED displays or LCD screens! 

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