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With the will to always innovate and to offer you the best services/offers to sublimate real estate agencies, VITRINEMEDIA launches VITRINEMEDIA FINANCIAL SERVICES.

With equipment always at the cutting edge of technology, preservation of one's bank debt, and a financing team dedicated to accompany you: you will find out more in this article, but leasing your equipment only has benefits for your company.

What does leasing entail?

Leasing is very widespread in the automobile market. In practice, it means paying a monthly fee for the use of an item.

The new VITRINEMEDIA FINANCIAL SERVICES offer, for its part, works as follows: the rental of a dynamic screen or digital solutions will be done via monthly payments, the big advantage being that the equipment can be renewed if new screens are marketed. You will therefore always be at the cutting edge of technology when it comes to the animation of your shop window.

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Why should you procure your dynamic screens with VITRINEMEDIA FINANCIAL SERVICES?

There are many arguments in favor of the VITRINEMEDIA FINANCIAL SERVICES service. First of all, and this is an aspect that will not fail to convince in these times of financial uncertainty, you will be able to preserve and control your cash flow. Your financial debt will therefore not move one iota, and you will be able to make other investments in parallel if the need arises.


Another argument, and not the least, relates to the renewal of your equipment: by opting for VITRINEMEDIA FINANCIAL SERVICES, you will have access to the very latest VITRINEMEDIA products and therefore benefit from the very best to effectively animate your shop window, throughout the duration of your contract. You will thus reflect a high-end agency image to all your clients.


Finally, a permanent warranty will accompany you throughout the duration of the contract: at the slightest problem, your usual sales representative will be quickly reachable and will be able to find a solution, or even replace your equipment, in record time.

The use of the equipment is of course transferable in case of sale of the agency to the buyer of the establishment. It remains of course possible to clear the contract's balance.

As you will have understood, the VITRINEMEDIA FINANCIAL SERVICES service was a way for VITRINEMEDIA, already able to offer the best screens on the market, to close the loop in order to satisfy its customers in the best possible way. If you are seduced by this new offer, don't hesitate to talk to your usual sales representative who will be delighted to give you more information!









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