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VITRINEMEDIA presents its new real estate solutions at the RENT trade fair

VITRINEMEDIA was present at the RENT 2019 trade fair which took place on 6 and 7 November at Pavillon 6 of the Porte de Versailles in Paris. This was an opportunity for us to present our new digital and physical solutions dedicated to real estate.

Presentation of the Rent trade fair

The RENT exhibition is the most important trade fair in France, entirely dedicated to real estate and the sector's new technologies.

On no less than 15,000 m2, the 8,000 visitors were able to discover the innovations of today and tomorrow for real estate agents and professionals, for purchases, rentals, loans, co-ownership or even artificial intelligence revolving around real estate... 

No less than 400 exhibitors were present for 48 hours, including VITRINEMEDIA, which was able to showcase all its new products dedicated to professionals.

An expanded professional range

3 new solutions for real estate professionals were presented at the show.


Quality of screens is one thing, but quality of the content displayed is another. Thanks to VM STUDIO, VITRINEMEDIA's team of designers and directors, real estate professionals can create their own tailor-made content for any distribution medium: window displays, cinema format advertising, content for social networks, etc.

Thanks to this 100% integrated team, everything is possible in terms of content and achievements: photography, motion design, shooting and filmmaking in 4K...

A new service to discover.

“Real estate professionals can create their own tailor-made content for any distribution medium.”

lcd screen for real estate agencies
led poster holder for real estate business
vm duo lcd display for real estate


The cherry on top of an already well-garnished cake, the VM Duo is the first double-sided display that was a great success with the public at our stand. And this is indicative of the even greater differentiation it can bring your agency.

It allows real estate agents to seamlessly distribute content in the window inside their agency.

With a brightness of 3000 cd/m2 on the street side, and 1000 cd/m2, it is a high-performance product, offering almost unlimited freedom of use.

Coupled with VM LIVE and VITRINEMEDIA's software solutions, it allows professionals to distribute their content, that of their network, that of their business partners and even content from the VM LIBRARY! 


The VM LIBRARY is VITRINEMEDIA's exclusive content library, dedicated to customers equipped with LCD screens and dynamic solutions.

New exclusive loops linked to the Handball Worldcup or the traditional end-of-year celebrations were unveiled during the show. This will make it possible to animate the contents differently in the coming months.

Overall, the VITRINEMEDIA stand allowed us to measure the high satisfaction rate of our clients, who completely renewed their trust in us to make their real estate agencies even more attractive. 

See you in 2020 for a new edition that will probably be full of surprises!


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