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What are the financial advantages of leasing?

When you are presented with the possibility of investing in a new type of equipment, there is now a strong chance that financial leasing will be introduced to you.

 Indeed, this new way of investing presents many advantages and services for your company which are diametrically opposed to those of a traditional credit that can be obtained with your bank. We explain why in the following lines.

Financial leasing, a market economy of use

The ways of acquiring and using products have now changed: from an economy of ownership, we are slowly moving towards an economy of use. More clearly, instead of paying for the acquisition of a car or a screen, one pays monthly for its use.

This service, already well developed in the automotive market, is becoming more and more important and is now available in the real estate market thanks to VITRINEMEDIA.

Switching to financial leasing for the products we offer, also means benefiting from many additional services, such as maintenance and replacement of your screens (in case of technical problems, or the arrival of new technology on the market ...), but also a warranty that runs for the entire duration of the lease.

Finally, this service is much more qualitative than a classic purchase, and better adapted to a market in constant evolution.

Additional tax leverage for your company

When you opt for financial leasing, you must pay a monthly rent over a period of time previously determined with your dedicated contact person at the time of signing the contract. Who says monthly rent thus says annual charge: this amount will impact your company's result and thus lower your tax level.

An ideal, optimal situation while benefiting from tax leverage... This is the promise of VITRINEMEDIA FINANCIAL SERVICES.









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