VM One Hybrid porte affiche led VitrineMedia double face haute luminosité pour vitrine



Always keen to improve its LED products, VITRINEMEDIA innovates and unveils a completely redesigned VM ONE poster-holder: thanks to a brand new fastening system, the VM ONE can now be used in portrait and landscape orientations.

  • Double-sided
  • 6400 LUX
  • Color: Chrome (one side), white (one side)
  • Available formats from A4 to A0, banners S and L
  • Compatible with VM LIGHT & PLAY

LED DISPLAY High brightness DOUBLE-faced LED display


The VM ONE HYBRID LED panel reveals its elegance thanks to its white / chrome contours and beveled finish. It will illuminate your storefront both outdoors and indoors with its double-sided functionality.

Thanks to the VM BACKLIGHT sheets specially developed by VITRINEMEDIA, the VM ONE HYBRID makes all your visuals shine for maximum visibility.

For your high-end and modular storefronts, the VM ONE HYBRID is your REMARKABLE solution!

vm one hybride porte affiche led haute luminosite double face
écran dynamique double face pour vitrine

Double sided + hybrid

luminosité 4000 candela

6000 LUX (A4)

resistance uv pour écran dynamique tv

Low voltage (24v)

écran dynamique compatible vidéo, photos, pdf, mandats immobiliers

Up to 80 000 hours of use - 98 LEDs (A4)

porte affiche led recto verso pour vitrine


This poster holder's different formats are all inter-compatible: you can mix different formats together in the same column.


Insert two listings per display - on the front and rear side - for visibility from the outside and inside.


An innovative hanging system for simplified installation, which can even be used on your existing cable and rail installations if you are already so equipped.


Its new and powerful LED system is designed for maximum visibility with low energy use. It is compatible with all cables and fixings from the VM ONE and VM TWO ecosystems.

And for even more remarkable installations, it is even compatible with VM LIGHT&PLAY!

It is used with VM Backlight sheets to make each image glow.

porte affiche led vm one hybride haute luminosité double face
vm one hybride cadre led ultra lumineux pour vitrine

6400 LUX brightness    

cadre led format a4 au a0

A4 to A0 sizes


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