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Why choose Vitrinemedia?

The Vitrinemedia difference

Since 2007, our values, expertise and support have convinced more than 50,000 companies in over 50 countries. Discover what sets us apart and what we offer to ensure your satisfaction.

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Our aim:
To make you stand out

Since 2007, we've never changed our objective: to make you visible and remarkable. Today, we're the leader in window displays. To achieve this, we first specialised in real estate, one of the sectors that takes most advantage of its windows. We now offer the same quality of service for every sector, as well as for indoor, outdoor and event signage.

Our values

Customer satisfaction

Ensuring your satisfaction is our priority. Our teams, available 6 days a week, are all trained to respond as effectively and quickly as possible to your needs. In 2022, we are proud to achieve a 96% customer satisfaction rate! At Vitrinemedia, we believe in the importance of listening to our customers and taking their feedback into account. That's why we encourage you to read our customer testimonials, so that you can form your own opinion about the quality of our products and services


Since the creation of the LED poster holder, we have continued to innovate and expand our offer. Today, VITRINEMEDIA offers dynamic screens, communication agency solutions and even software to broadcast content or measure the effectiveness of your shop window. Of course, we don't stop there, and we continue to innovate in order to meet your needs as closely as possible and provide you with solutions at the cutting edge of technology.


We are concerned about the environment, and in particular about the energy consumption linked to our activity, and have taken a series of measures to reduce this consumption considerably. LCD screens are only switched on between 7am and 8pm and their brightness is adaptive during the day. We offer the VM Timer at cost price to configure the times at which LED products are switched on. We take back and repair faulty products, which are then put back on sale at a lower price. Find out more about our actions.

Installation, training, support and advice

From your first contact with VITRINEMEDIA to the installation of the equipment in your point of sale, we will support and advise you throughout your project. Installations are carried out by qualified professionals and then we train you in the use of the software. Our ITIL 4-certified customer service team is available 6 days a week to answer all your queries and advise you.

A team dedicated to your customised projects

Do you have a project in mind for your windows or interiors? Do you have specific requirements that call for a made-to-measure design? From gathering your requirements to delivering the project, our team of engineers will work with you to bring your ideas to life. 

Illustration of made-to-measure window displays

All our solutions are available as finance leases

All our solutions are offered on a leasing basis, giving you greater cash-flow flexibility and enabling you to renew the equipment supplied on an ongoing basis, so that you are always at the cutting edge of technology. The equipment is guaranteed for the duration of the contract and is replaced in the event of a problem. You also automatically benefit from our innovations

Let's talk about your projects!