Why use digital signage in shopping malls?

Innovative, connected, interactive: there is no lack of qualifiers when it comes to talking about digital signage! Used wisely, it will allow you to :


  • Capture the attention of customers: It's no secret: a dynamic screen, by definition, moves! As we know, moving images attract attention much more than still images. Even better: Converting a passer-by into a customer is much more efficient, thanks to the action of the dynamic display. So it would be a mistake to do without it.


  • Optimize and organize space: Thanks to numerous dynamic solutions, it will be possible to orient the customer in the best possible way, and this as soon as he or she enters the store. You will even be able to use these specific screens to make your customers interact by asking them, for example, if they are satisfied.


  • Modernize the mall's image: Opting for digital signage is definitely setting a foot in the 21st century in terms of customer communication. Easy to manage because they are connected, these digital signage displays are sure to convey a positive image of the mall to your customers. You won't regret the investment!


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How to use digital signage?

 There is no lack of opportunities when it comes to communicating via digital signage. Lessor and other retailers will have multiple opportunities to speak at different times of the year. Here are a few examples:

   1 - For the owner of the mall

  • Disseminating information about the shopping center: This is a must for any self-respecting store: via one or more dynamic screens judiciously placed in the window or in the entrance hall of the shopping center, you can display days and hours of opening of as well as all the important information relating to your space that may be of interest to passers-by. The different shops in your shopping center will also have messages to convey. Work with them to set up a communication plan that will allow you to increase the visibility of a key offer or information.


  • Introduce upcoming events: A shopping mall is alive! And to announce to your end customers the (undoubtedly) numerous events organized within it, you will not neglect to use your digital screens to pass the information on.


  • To communicate on protective measures: given current events, the various screens disseminated on both sides of the gallery will allow to communicate on the protective measures relating to the coronavirus in effect in your space.


  • To highlight the mall's hypermarket: Often located at the back of the shopping center, the super or hypermarket will benefit from more visibility thanks to a display at the entrance of the center.





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2 - For the different shops in the shopping center


  • Present current promotions: Seasonal sales, Black Friday, or even the holiday season: there is no shortage of commercial operations taking place in your stores and that could be highlighted via digital screens!


  • Redirect customers to your social networks: If you are present on social networks (which is probably the case), let your customers know! Display the names of your Facebook, Instagram or Snapchat accounts so you can communicate with your customers all year round. Don't hesitate to highlight your positive customer reviews.



In short, the possibilities of dynamic screens seem endless. Are you convinced of their efficiency? Let's talk about it together so that we can set them up in your shopping center! 

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