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Hair salons and beauty institutes: how to successfully communicate ?

Following the example of car dealerships and real estate agencies , hairdressing salons and beauty institutes have various communication means at their disposal.

But it is still necessary to identify these communication elements and to use them in the best possible way. We're going to give you some tips to help you see things more clearly.


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Why communicate in your hair salon/beauty institute's shop window ?

As you know, shop windows are your primary communication medium: well-kept, it will catch your client's eye, reassure them that your company is serious, and will encourage them, if necessary, to cross your salon's threshold.

Your shop window affirms your identity and allows you to highlight the content that defines you. By working on it effectively, it will allow you to distinguish yourself from your competition.

Commercial offers, services, specialties, news: there are thousands of ways of communicating via your window. We'll talk about that in the next paragraph.

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Which elements should be highlighted on the window of a hairdressing salon or beauty institute ?

As the manager of a beauty institute or a hairdressing salon, you are well placed to know that there is no lack of communication elements to highlight on a shop window !

The first piece of information that should naturally be displayed is your opening hours, your services and your rates: they are essential because they are undoubtedly the first piece of information that your customer will look for.

In direct proximity, don't forget your telephone number and your social network pages.

Your current commercial offers also have a special place in your window: whether it is to highlight a happy hour, an after-work beauty event, extended opening hours for the Holidays or a special discount for students, you'll easily find something to fill it with.

But to display everything effectively without overloading your window - or worse, obstructing the view of your indoor spaces or showroom - it is essential not to crowd it with posters, visuals or stickers ! LCD screens are your best ally when it comes to displaying up to date content in a single container that allows you to capture the attention of your prospects. A shop window must also be as visually attractive as possible: showcase your latest creations and highlight your know-how ! 

And why not self-finance your screen system by broadcasting ads from partners located around your shop? There is something for everyone!

Which technical means should be used to enhance a shop window ?

Making your shop window look beautiful is VitrineMedia's job! For all beauty and hairdressing professionals, we offer and supply you with a wide range of screens to effectively animate your shop window and your salon's indoor spaces.


  • Different screen sizes

From the 21.5" VM Light&Play to large format LCDs, there will always be one or more screens that will find their place in your shop window or indoor areas.

And why not vary the formats to create a wall of screens that will catch the eye of your customers and prospects !

  • Efficient control solutions

VM LIVE has been created to allow you to easily and intuitively control all your content from a simple connected device. Thanks to this software, you will be able to choose which elements to communicate, and when to do so.

VM STUDIO, on the other hand, is the name of the brand content team within VITRINEMEDIA. On simple request, it will be able to create all or part of your content, in order to be truly remarkable.

  • A wide variety of formats

Motion design, videos, photos: with VITRINEMEDIA, everything is possible! We integrate all your communication supports into your screens, as shown in the video below : 



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