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Real estate agents: 6 (good) reasons to choose digital and dynamic agency windows

Let's face it: the paper only era for your real estate listings in your agency window is O-V-E-R. During the decade that recently concluded, the digital has definitely taken over from print, offering more flexibility and dynamism to its users.


Do you still doubt it? Here are 6 (good) reasons to definitively adopt digital storefronts in 2020.

Listings displayed and updated in a blink of an eye

Such comfort! Thanks to digital storefronts, once they are set up, all you need is a good Internet connection and a digital device (smartphone, tablet, computer...) to instantly correct, update, replace or add a new listing, thanks to content management software such as VM Live.

A considerable time-saver and an added working comfort that will also make you save time and be more responsive, by allowing you to always display up-to-date information.


One digital space = several simultaneous announcements

In the past, only one space was occupied by a single sheet of paper with your real estate listing. But that was in the past!

Thanks to digital and LCD screens, several listings can occupy the same display space in succession, in a much more dynamic way than what was previously possible with print (obviously).

Animations, videos, photos galore: thanks to digital technology, everything is possible. 

Shared management

No need to desperately hunt information by contacting your head office: with the all-digital solution, all the information that needs to be shared is instantly and simultaneously accessible throughout an entire network of agencies or points of sale.

These can, therefore, display these elements at their leisure, in complete autonomy. As for local information, it continues to be handled by the various agents on site, again autonomously and according to current events.

"A considerable time-saver and an added working comfort that will also make you save time and be more responsive, by allowing you to always display up-to-date information"

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Digital is the present and the future !

There's no point in denying it: today, almost all (we're talking about nearly 90%) of searches are done on the internet.

Customers have become accustomed to using their smartphone or computer to search on countless sites (including yours, hopefully) for their future dream property.


So why continue to live out of step with the times by stubbornly sticking to paper displays?

By opting for digital signage, you will confirm your image as a modern real estate agency that lives with the times.

Display client reinsurance elements

As we know, customers need to be accompanied and reassured in their purchasing process. That's why you're here!

But thanks to digital screens, you have in your hands an additional tool that gives you the opportunity to reassure the customer even more.

Why not proudly display your positive customer feedback and customer testimonials? Or showcase the social networks on which you are present?

Another example: take advantage of this opportunity to highlight key real estate sector figures, which will confirm its current dynamism and that it is, consequently, the right time to buy.

And why not develop an advertising sales house ?

Managing digital screens in an agency window is also an opportunity to create an advertising sales house which, in the long run, will make the purchase of these screens profitable.

Whether or not they are related to the world of real estate, highlighting advertising messages from local merchants or partners will be a significant source of revenue: why miss out on it?

So, are you ready to leap into the 21st century by definitively adopting digital agency windows for your communication? 


May 19, 2020


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