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Real Estate listings: how to take beautiful pictures

You want to sell or rent a property quickly? In order to shine as much light as possible on your future listing and optimize your chances of a transaction, it is essential to take quality photos.

You are a real estate agent, and one doesn’t become a photographer overnight. We have compiled the essential tips you need to follow to take beautiful pictures worthy of a professional. Get your cameras out!

Photos to highlight on a real estate listing

Whether in your real estate agency's window or on a classified ad site, you will necessarily be limited by the number of photos of the property that can be displayed. It will, therefore, be necessary to make a clever selection of those to be highlighted.

We will thus focus on photos that highlight the property and allow the future buyer(s) to imagine themselves living there as best as possible. So no more pictures of the toilets or the cupboard, which will not bring any real added value to your listing.

As much as possible, the first photo that should appear on your listing should be one of the house's or apartment's facade. For the buyer, it is essential to have an overview of the property and to identify the environment in which he/she will potentially live in the near future. Not displaying this side of your property is close to ringing alarm bells with the potential buyer who will wonder if you've got something to hide from him/her.

Another essential photo to highlight: the main living room. It is in this room that the potential buyer will spend most of his/her time, and accordingly it is natural to show it as a whole, once again to help the interested parties in imagining themselves there. A single view of this main room will be enough, and this way there is space for the other rooms in your listing.

You can complete it by adding a photo of the master bedroom (if there are several rooms), of the kitchen, or even of the garden / terrace if the property has an exterior.

In the end, it is about common sense: highlight what you would like to see yourself on

a listing of this kind!

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How to take beautiful pictures?

No need to be called Robert Doisneau to take quality real estate photos. By following a few guidelines, and even as a complete beginner, you should be perfectly able to handle it.

- Tip #1: Clean up!

Although obvious to many of you, this first advice is worth repeating as there are announcements where chaos reigns. To sell a property as quickly as possible (and this is also true for future visits), everything must be tidy! Ask the owner or renter to tidy up as much as possible and make sure you clear the way before you take your pictures.

You will agree that the place is much more pleasant when everything is in its place. You'll see more clearly, and so will the potential buyer!

- Tip #2: Let the light in!

Light is life! As much as possible, make sure to take all your pictures during the daytime, when the sun is at its zenith and light enters the different rooms.

If the accommodation is rather dark by nature, don't panic: it is always possible to play with artificial light to create a pleasant atmosphere that will enhance the environment in which you live.

- Tip #3: Take care of your composition!

It is an essential rule of photography: to take a beautiful picture, you need a nice composition! The first rule to follow is to take pictures horizontally: you will allow your photo, and therefore your property, to "breathe" as much as possible, and by the same occasion, you will not be crushing the space up.

In the same vein, avoid as much as possible low angle photos that have tendency to crush volumes.

Which photographic equipment to use?

You don't have a Reflex or a Hybrid to take your photos? No problem: most of the

smartphones on the market today can do a very good job, and most of the time they will suitable to provide good quality photos for your listing. 

Indeed, and thanks to their wide-angle and automatic adjustments, smartphones do a large part of the job without any effort on your part.

All that will remain is to follow the advice above to make your listing the most attractive of all real estate listings!


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