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Should the owners be present during visits?

Romain Cartier is a real estate expert featured on the "Recherche Appartement ou Maison" show broadcast on French TV channel M6. Every week, he gives his advice to the VITRINEMEDIA community on how to perfect its role as real estate agents and optimize its sales.

The visit is a decisive moment for future buyers since it is about discovering properties in which they will have to imagine themselves and imagine their future projects in the space, and this in the few minutes it takes to go around the rooms. The presence of the owners, although it is not a deal-breaker, is nonetheless not recommended!

Your strong point as a real estate agent is your neutrality and your ability to lead a property visit directly and objectively. Although it is in your interest that the property appeals to potential buyers, you have the advantage of knowing precisely the purpose of their search, what they expect from the visit, the reason why they want to buy and what could trigger a real estate crush. This is not the case for owners!

Put yourself in their shoes: they have lived in this property - perhaps - during many years, and are now selling it. On the one hand, they tend to exagerate their sales pitch to sell as quickly as possible and on the other hand, the memories they have in the property will not allow them to adopt a neutral position during the visit, as they will be guided

by their own emotions. The selection criteria for purchasers will also not necessarily be the same as the sellers'. A room, a space, a color or yet a piece of furniture beloved by the seller may very well disturb the buyer and this is perfectly warranted. To avoid being confronted with this situation, your role is crucial during a visit, and that's why it is advisable to warn the owners that you wish to do it alone.

Furthermore, potential buyers will feel freer to ask questions - and sometimes to critice - or to express doubts and to evoke their history if they are not in presence of owners of the property they are visiting. It is then up to you to accompany them, to present the rooms objectively, to direct them first and foremost towards the spaces most likely to appeal to them so that they can fully imagine themselves in them and thus consider buying the property.

“Make an immediate report to the owners once the visit is over."

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