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Should the owners be present during visits?



Romain Cartier, known for his appearances on the show "Recherche Appartement ou Maison" broadcast on M6, is a real estate expert. Every week, he shares his advice with the VITRINEMEDIA community on how to improve your role as a real estate agent and optimise your sales.

As a real estate agent, your strength lies in your neutrality and your ability to show a property in a direct and objective manner. Although it is in your interest that potential buyers like the property, you have the advantage of knowing exactly what they are looking for, what they expect from the visit, why they want to buy and what could trigger a real estate crush. This is not the case for homeowners!

Put yourself in their shoes: they have lived in this property for - perhaps - many years and will now sell it. On the one hand, they will tend to overbid their sales pitch to sell as quickly as possible, and on the other hand, the memories they have of the property will not allow them to adopt a neutral approach during the visit, guided by their own emotions. The criteria of choice for buyers will also not necessarily be the same as those of sellers. A room, a volume, a colour or even a piece of furniture adored by the seller may well not appeal at all to the buyer, and this is perfectly legitimate. To avoid being confronted with this situation, your role is crucial during a visit, which is why it is advisable to inform the owners in advance that you wish to visit the property alone.

Furthermore, potential buyers will feel freer to ask questions - sometimes criticize - express doubts and tell their story if they are not in the presence of the owners of the property they are visiting. It is then up to you to accompany them, to present the rooms objectively, to direct them in priority to the areas most likely to please them so that they can fully project themselves and thus consider buying the property.

On the other hand, give the owners an immediate report once the visit is over! Discuss your feelings about the potential buyers, detail what they liked and disliked and discuss with them the next steps in the sale of their property.

Report back to the owners immediately after the visit.