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VM AGENCY Experience : Morvan et Edgar Quinet

Morvan et Edgar Quinet is a real estate agency well established in the West of Paris, since 1933. With 3 agencies today (Courbevoie Becon, Courbevoie Gare, Paris 7 Champ de Mars), Olivier Morvan and his troops (20 real estate experts in total) cover the whole prism of real estate, from sales to rentals via property management.

Already a VITRINEMEDIA client for several years, the Morvan et Edgar Quinet agency has recently called on VM AGENCY to boost its communication.

Morvan et Edgar Quinet agencies in the heart of Courbevoie

With the management of more than 1,500 active tenants and no less than 350 buildings managed in co-ownership for a total of more than 10,000 lots, the figures of the 3 Morvan et Edgar Quinet agencies are quite dizzying.

From the co-ownership syndicate to the sale of investment properties, via the marketing of new programs or delegated project management, Morvan et Edgar Quinet has been able to take advantage of its nearly 90 years of experience in the business to become a real estate heavyweight in the Courbevoie area.

VITRINEMEDIA has participated in this evolution by providing the various agencies with VM VERYBRIGHT type dynamic screens, but also LED displays to sublimate mandates, the two combined processes ultimately providing diversified communication.

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Turning to VM AGENCY for more visibility

When the Morvan et Edgar Quinet agency located at the exit of the Becon-les-Bruyères train station called on VM AGENCY to create specific content, it was above all to attract the many passers-by to cross this family agency's threshold.

By bringing together the teams from the 3 agencies for a day of filming on location, and by offering a video, now displayed in the window, that highlights the agency's many specificities, we can say that the VM AGENCY Team brilliantly met the challenge they were given!

So, what are you waiting for to become "remarkable"?









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