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With whom does the real estate agent and his/her colleagues work?

Romain Cartier is a real estate expert featured on the "Recherche Appartement ou Maison" show broadcast on French TV channel M6. Every week, he gives his advice to the VITRINEMEDIA community on how to perfect its role as real estate agents and optimize its sales.

We aren't teaching you anything new when we say being a real estate agent is above all a human profession! The interpersonal makes for an important share of the daily workload because the real estate agent and his/her collaborators need to surround themselves and exchange with professionals from different sectors. Surrounding oneself with the right people with dedicated expertise will allow the independent real estate agent or his/her agency to stand out from its competitors by offering complete support and service to its customers.

Thus, the real estate agent will of course work with sales assistants, who will help him in his/her daily missions, notaries, brokers, bankers and a whole legal section composed of lawyers and attorneys among others.

“Surrounding oneself with the right people with dedicated expertise."

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At a later stage, he/she will also need to be accompanied by other professionals who will help him/her to complete his/her mission, such as bankers or insurance brokers. Also, to offer the best service to selling and buying customers buyers, he/she can quite rightly surround himself/herself with architects or interior designers in order to review the arrangement of entrusted properties entrusted and to be able to enhance them in order to have a better chance of quickly finding a buyer. Similarly, he/she may partner with construction and moving companies to facilitate changes of residence for clients whohave such a need.

This teamwork is essential for the real estate agent to best be able to exercise his/her profession and to be followed and advised on each issue in order to then transmit relevant information to buying and selling clients. These professionals provide him/her with important assistance in order to make the real estate agent stand out and so that he/she can support clients and help them achieve their projects as smoothly as possible. These services must therefore be highlighted in the agency through dedicated communication, in the agency window, in the reception space, as well as in the meeting rooms, and this will help to strengthen trust and a feeling of satisfaction in the client. 


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