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5 tips to optimize your storefront display

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Today, competition is fierce in the real estate sector. With the development of digital technology and the emergence of new technologies, estate agents are no longer the only ones offering properties for sale or rent. Buyers now have access to numerous online platforms to search for offers that match their needs.

In order to stand out from the crowd and convince a potential client to come to your agency, window display is essential... provided that you respect certain rules!

1. Use professional photos

It is the mandates displayed in the window that will mainly interest a potential client. In just a few seconds and at a glance, they will know whether or not they wish to enter your agency to entrust their life project to you. In order to encourage them to trust you, you must therefore take care of the appearance of your shop window, particularly through the photos of the properties you offer for sale or rent.

Good quality, bright and well-framed photos are twice as likely to attract the attention of future buyers and encourage them to enter your agency. Trusting a professional to enhance the contents of your display can therefore be a great help in improving the appearance of your storefront. You can also use the images for your website and social networks.

In the same way, a prospect who would like to entrust you with the sale of his property will thus be certain that the rendering of his property on the mandate will be neat and sufficiently highlighted to appeal to the greatest number of people.

2. Do not display everything in the window

Your window display is used to encourage a prospect - buyer or seller! - to push open the door of your agency. Once inside, prove to them that they were right to trust you and that you have other properties to offer them than the one that first caught their eye. This will also be an opportunity for them to explain precisely what they are looking for without focusing on a single property seen in the window.

On the contrary, a window display that is too full will give the impression that all the properties you offer for sale or rent are displayed to passers-by. If they don't see any properties that interest them after looking at the window, the chances of them coming into your agency are reduced, even though there are other properties that might have interested them.

3. Communicate about your sold properties too

Don't limit yourself to communicating about your properties for sale, those that are sold are just as important! Why? Because they are a reflection of your work and they show potential sellers who might be reluctant to entrust you with their property that you are capable of selling properties similar to theirs and that they can therefore trust you.

Good quality, bright and well-framed photos are twice as likely to attract the attention of prospective buyers and encourage them to enter your agency.


4. Vary the types of content

Your shop window is certainly the best way to communicate your property for sale and for rent, but it can also have other functions. Potential sellers or buyers must want to trust you before entrusting you with their life project, and for this they need to know who you are and what your field of expertise is.

Take advantage of the visibility that your shop window gives you to display photos of your team, posed or in the field prospecting, for example. For even greater efficiency, use digital signage to display videos of the properties you have been entrusted with or content relating to your catchment area, through which they can discover the neighbourhood, for example, or strategic locations nearby (post office, schools, town hall, shops, etc).

5. Choose an illuminated poster

Light is an eye-catcher and is sure to attract the interest of passers-by, regardless of the time of day they pass by your shop window. Highlight your properties by using a lighted display that will highlight the quality of your content and give your agency greater visibility, even from the opposite pavement!