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Is being on social networks useful?



Romain Cartier, known for his appearances on the show "Recherche Appartement ou Maison" broadcast on M6, is a real estate expert. Every week, he gives his advice to the VITRINEMEDIA community on how to improve your role as a real estate agent and optimise your sales.

It is really interesting for a real estate agent to be present on social networks. In fact, not being present could even be a disadvantage. New digital contact tools, social networks have many advantages if they are well mastered.

First of all, it is very important to distinguish between your personal and professional use of social networks and not to confuse the two. Your personal social networks, which you use on a daily basis, allow you to share and communicate with your close circle of friends in a natural and intuitive way. On the other hand, to talk to your network, your clients and your colleagues, it is essential to create dedicated profiles on the networks, which you will devote entirely to your professional activity.

The use of professional social networks for real estate agents allows them to develop their business outside their usual contacts. It allows you to create a link with Internet users but also to publish about your properties for sale, your sold properties, your team, your successes or even articles and infographics related to real estate and supporting your activity. There are various social networks on which real estate agents can be present, but not all will have the same use:


The social network Facebook allows you to communicate to a large audience, to share and to create contact easily. This social network is ideal to broadcast content to your target audience throughout the day and to exchange with them in the comments or by private message in order to facilitate appointment setting.


The aspirational network par excellence. On Instagram, the goal is to show your community all the facets of your business and why you love it. Post pretty pictures and short explanatory texts to make them want to know more and encourage them to contact you or visit your agency.


On the other hand, Linkedin is a professional social network. It will allow you to communicate with your fellow real estate agents, to exchange tips and advice, but will be less dedicated to prospecting, as your target is not, or only marginally, present on this platform.

Social networks have become an essential means of communication, both on a personal and professional level. Using them wisely can be a considerable asset for real estate agents who can enrich their network of contacts and communicate more informally with their clients and potential clients.