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Car dealerships : why and how to communicate?



Modern communication within a car dealership is now within the reach of many companies thanks to various very effective techniques.

There is generally no shortage of communication elements: services available to your customers, commercial news or current affairs are all opportunities for you to speak out.

However, you need to put them forward effectively: VITRINEMEDIA can help you in your approach.


As mentioned above, there are many communication elements in a car dealership:

- Your know-how

Your know-how is an essential part of your communication: your teams have skills that should be highlighted to reassure your (future) customers. Put it forward in your communication media, around and in your dealership: relay your communication campaigns on your services and the quality of your teams!

In the recent history of advertising, examples include Renault with its famous "Who better than Renault can maintain your Renault", or BMW highlighting the years of experience of its mechanics.

- Your services

The services you offer are also unique: online appointment booking, maintenance guaranteed by your brand, offers on complementary products (tyres, windscreen washer fluid, brake pads, etc.).

Digital technology and LCD screens are fabulous tools to be able, in key places in your spaces and dealerships, to have a support that broadcasts several contents for your customers and prospects.
In a reception area or waiting area on the after-sales service side, for example, put forward several contents such as your customer reviews, the possibility of booking a service appointment online or from your smartphone, to have an SMS alert when your vehicle is ready, etc...


- Vehicle photos and videos

Whether you have collaborated with an influencer to test a vehicle or you have a video of a test drive, your various screens can be animated in a thousand and one ways.

Videos with tests and customer feedback are a fabulous ally to trigger a request for a test drive, and greatly increase your conversion rate!

Think also of photo slideshows, which are always effective in making people want to test drive the vehicle in question.

The content can be varied: photos, videos, motion design... An example of the possibilities available to you with the video below:


It is one thing to have stories to tell, but it is also necessary to put them forward in an intelligible and effective way. For this, VITRINEMEDIA has several solutions to offer you.

- The "container", screens to illuminate your communication

From your shop window to your interior spaces, our different screens will integrate harmoniously into your dealership.
There are many formats: VM Light&Play in 21.5', large format LCDs from 32 to 100'', video walls, etc.


- An intuitive control solution

VITRINEMEDIA has developed VM LIVE to make your life easier. Visibble Display is the best content management solution, intuitive and usable by all, which will enable you to manage and broadcast your content from any device connected to the Internet.
From your smartphone, tablet or computer, you will be able to choose which elements to put forward, and schedule these highlights at the right times.

- A creative studio at your disposal

VM STUDIO is VITRINEMEDIA's digital content creation and marketing team. Depending on your needs, we can create a whole range of tailor-made content for you: highlighting a specific vehicle, communication on the entire network, highlighting a group of dealerships, etc.


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There are many communication elements in a car dealership.