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Real Estate Agents and Coronavirus : How to start fresh ?



In May, do as you please? Unfortunately, not quite: despite the recent decommissioning on 11 May, barrier gestures, safety distances and face masks will probably be part of our daily lives for a few more months.

In such a context, and like many other activities, it is the whole profession of real estate agent that is impacted. Fortunately, Romain Cartier has some good advice to give you to make the recovery as smooth as possible.

Good advice N°1 : Reassure your client

Whether they are clients from before the containment or new clients who will call on your services in the coming days, your number one asset in the face of this coronavirus crisis will be to adopt a reassuring posture and discourse.

The better your sales pitches and tools are put in place, the more your clients will be able to trust you and see how well you have mastered the new situation.

For example, you may have made more use of virtual tours, videos or even photos during the lockdown: now is the time to build on all these tools and redefine the way you sell or rent property.

Good advice N°2: Review your priorities

In these troubled times, it is imperative to redefine the way you work. So why not work less in order to work better?

As mentioned above, during the lockdown, your business was able to continue remotely via virtual visits and videos sent to potential buyers. From now on, in this "new world" that is taking shape, you will have to rely on these same tools in order to target visits as accurately as possible so as not to multiply them unnecessarily.

This way of working will tend to reassure everyone, sellers and buyers alike.

Good advice N°3 : Rely on your results

If you've been following Romain Cartier's advice on the VITRINEMEDIA blog for a while, you know that he likes to rely on what he calls "the culture of results".

This is especially true today: it will be very important to highlight all your recent results in order to tell your customers a positive story: let's face it, in these troubled times, everyone needs it!

In addition to these 3 good tips, VITRINEMEDIA is also mobilizing for an efficient recovery of all real estate professionals by providing them with a visit kit which will be composed of gloves, masks and single-use overshoes!