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How to successfully communicate on your properties?



Romain Cartier, known for his appearances on the show "Recherche Appartement ou Maison" broadcast on M6, is a real estate expert. Every week, he gives the VITRINEMEDIA community his advice on how to improve your role as a real estate agent and optimise your sales.

There are different ways to communicate about your properties for sale and to do so effectively! According to Romain Cartier, you need to use different tools to highlight your mandates and make them visible to a maximum number of people in order to multiply your chances of selling quickly.


It is your agency's showcase and the reflection of your expertise. A clean, well-designed website will make people want to look at it when searching for a property. Highlight your properties for sale by organising your site in a logical way, by focusing on the quality of the visual content and by taking care of the descriptive texts of each ad.

Better still, communicate about the members of your team and the people in charge of each transaction. The potential client will thus feel in a familiar environment and will work with professionals about whom he or she has had some prior information, making him or her feel in a position of trust.


Real estate portals for professionals in the sector are an excellent source of visibility, particularly in terms of referencing on search engines.

Do not hesitate to duplicate the ads published on your site on these platforms, this will allow you to make your agency known to a larger number of people and to reach potential customers who were not part of your initial target.


You will need to use different tools to highlight your mandates and make them visible to a maximum number of people.



Communication becomes dynamic and visual! Use video to make a difference and present your properties in an innovative way. Think of LCD screens to put in the window to stand out from your competitors and catch the attention of passers-by even outside your agency's opening hours.

In terms of content, you are spoilt for choice: video of the interior of the property for sale or rent, a tour of the area, or a presentation by members of your team. This content is even more attractive than static displays and will give potential customers more information and encourage them to walk through your door.


The quality of the content you put forward will be decisive when selling a property and this is largely due to the photography! Whether it's for the advertisements published on your website or to illustrate the mandates that you display in your illuminated window, good quality photos, taken with a wide angle or by a professional, will be a real asset! Beautiful photos will allow you to attract the attention of potential buyers to your property but also to show your seriousness and professionalism through the image that you broadcast.




A digital tool not to be overlooked! Thanks to social networks, you will be able to reach a new audience that goes far beyond your community. Your presence on different platforms, mainly Facebook and LinkedIn, will allow you to communicate about your properties for sale with quality visual content. In addition, you will be able to interact almost instantly with interested users to get more information. They will then turn more easily to you for the search of their property.


Last but not least, remember that you are the first step in your communication. Talk about your properties for sale with your professional network and your friends and family and let word of mouth spread! Your best publicity will come from the recommendations of the people around you who will naturally communicate for you to their acquaintances who will do the same and so on. In other words, don't forget that the basis of communication is above all... to communicate!