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Is it better to work more with simple mandates or exclusive mandates?



Romain Cartier, known for his appearances on the show "Recherche Appartement ou Maison" broadcast on M6, is a real estate expert. Every week, he gives the VITRINEMEDIA community his advice on how to improve your role as a real estate agent and optimise your sales.

Don't be afraid to offer your clients an exclusive mandate! The objections are often the same at first glance (fear of entrusting your property to only one agency, need to sell as quickly as possible, risk of not being visible enough...) but are they really justified? In France, less than 30% of professionals work on exclusivity. However, more than 60% of sales come from these 30%! This is a significant fact which is far from being the only advantage of the exclusive mandate.

One of the strong points of this type of mandate is the comfort it brings to your seller client. By entrusting his property to a single professional, he can follow the progress of the sales process without constraints, the precise number of potential buyers interested, have a detailed report from his estate agent after each visit, while establishing a relationship of trust with him thanks to the privileged contacts.

Visibility is not put aside either, quite the contrary! The exclusive mandate is undoubtedly the one that will provide the best communication for the property for sale. Already in the window, in which the property will be highlighted to attract potential buyers and encourage them to come in for information. Similarly, a property sold exclusively will tend to be present and visible on the agency's website, its social networks and the real estate portals on which the advertisements are published in order to be seen by the greatest number of people. This is to your advantage and that of your seller client, everyone wins!

Finally, the watchword when selling a property with an exclusive mandate is rarity and this is what makes all the difference. Imagine a potential buyer who sees a property he is interested in not in just one agency but in two, three or even four different agencies and sometimes not always at the same price! They might come to think that the property is having trouble selling and that for this reason the seller wanted to increase his chances of making it visible by entrusting it to several estate agents. This could penalise the seller and prejudice you at the same time. On the other hand, a property sold by exclusive mandate will be valued and the feelings of doubt and hesitation will be clearly reduced if a potential buyer falls in love with it.

So don't hesitate to favour this type of mandate or even to work only with this one! Once the initial objections have been overcome, reassure your seller clients of the many advantages of the exclusive mandate, they will not regret their choice.

Reassure your seller clients of the many advantages of an exclusive mandate, they will not regret their choice