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Making the right choices for a dynamic and digital storefront



The window of an estate agency must be the perfect reflection of your identity. Not content with distilling information related to your field, such as the display of mandates and properties for sale or the opening hours of the agency, the window must also and above all be perfectly visible and present the right content to make customers want to push the door of your agency.

The following tips will help to make your shop window an example of its kind.


This is a parameter that tends to be ignored when displaying elements in the window, but the choice of location is just as important as the information to be highlighted!

Light: the word is out. Depending on the orientation of your facade (north, south...), the luminosity will be an essential element to take into account and manage when setting up your digital screens and other written or photographic information.

Thus, the most elaborate communication element in the world can see its impact totally reduced to nothing if it is badly positioned. So avoid areas that are too bright in full sunlight and, on the contrary, those that are in shadow.


Screen sizes, luminosity, contrast: there are a host of parameters to take into account when choosing digital screens to showcase your content.

- Screen size

In the context of an estate agency, varying the size of the different screens presented in the window seems to be an excellent solution. You can highlight the most important information of the moment on the largest screen, while the other information is displayed harmoniously on the smaller screens.
And it couldn't be simpler: the LCD screen ranges from 21.5" to 100", and thanks to videowalls or video walls, the assembled screens can be transformed into digital surfaces of any size!

- Screen brightness

Depending on the exposure to the sun, the right brightness of your screens will be of paramount importance. For example, if you are facing south, an ultra high brightness screen of 4,000 cd/m2 will be the best solution. If, on the other hand, your shop window is located in a street that is less exposed to the sun, a screen with 2,500 cd/m2 will normally be more than sufficient.

In any case, choose the brightness of your screen carefully with a sales consultant during an appointment on site, in your branches, in front of your window! Do not buy a screen from a distance or without having validated the right technology and brightness with a professional who will be able to advise you on the right product for your needs and your agency in particular.

On the other hand, never work in a shop window with products with a luminosity of less than 2500 cd/m2 ; screens with 300, 500 or 700 cd/M2 are reserved for indoor use, for meeting rooms, reception areas, or even lobbies in stations or airports !

Luminosity will be an essential element to take into account and manage when setting up your digital screens.


- Orientation

Portrait, landscape, tilted, and even double-sided or as a video wall, all configurations are possible!

Choose the right screen for your shop window and its layout, of course, but also remember to take into account the template and real estate mandate model you are using.

Especially since, even if everything is possible, changing the orientation of a screen is not done with a snap of the fingers twice a day! For example, you will have to adapt your content on the one hand, and your stand or mounting system on the other!

The good news is that the orientation of your screen has nothing to do with its technical qualities. For example, whether you want a portrait, landscape or tilted screen, you can choose from all the sizes, brightness and contrast options on the market!

The only exception is the double-sided screens (such as the VM DUO, which is a double-sided screen), which currently only exist in portrait format and cannot be tilted.



- Contrast and colour

Good screens are one thing, but getting the most out of them is another. You will need to make sure that your various screens are perfectly adjusted so that the contrasts and colours are vibrant and the readability perfect.

Be ultra-vigilant on this point with the sales consultant who takes care of you, and check the contrasts, the depth of colours and blacks!


As good a real estate agent as you are, setting up a shop window is a specific expertise; rely on the know-how and experience of your sales advisor to guarantee you the right technical choices!

At VITRINEMEDIA, we will help you select the best screens for your activity and according to the elements to be displayed, and we will accompany you in the display of all your content, including of course training in content management software and management of gateways with business software.