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Exclusivity: what services can the agent offer?

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Romain Cartier, known for his appearances on the show "Recherche Appartement ou Maison" broadcast on M6, is a real estate expert. Every week, he gives the VITRINEMEDIA community his advice on how to improve your role as an estate agent and optimise your sales.

It's the grail for all real estate agents: signing an exclusive contract for the sale of a property! But to convince an owner that he can trust you to sell his property as quickly as possible, you have to pull out all the stops.

Impeccable follow-up, real time communication with the seller, making the property look good through photos and video: nothing will be too much to do to make sure you are worthy of the exclusivity you have been given. Here are some tips!


This is what your success will depend on: communicate as regularly as possible with the owner of the property for sale!

By doing so, you will reassure the seller that you are fully committed to the mission he has given you, and that the property for sale is not just another property on your long list.

Do you have something to tell the seller? Don't wait to give it to him!

Several people are interested in visiting the property? Let the owner know!

Is the property proudly displayed in your window? Send him a photo of the display!

The more fluid your communication is, the more the seller will be reassured that they have chosen to give you exclusivity.


A property put up for sale exclusively through your agency deserves special treatment

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A property put up for sale exclusively through your agency deserves special treatment: the time has come to roll out the red carpet and do everything possible to get it sold as quickly as possible!

And there are many ways to do this: not only do you have to make it look good, but you also have to promote it in the best possible way.

So start by hiring a professional photographer or working with solutions like Nodalview to take high quality photos. A prospective buyer is sensitive to images and will be far more likely to ask you to view the property than if it had been photographed without special care.

You can also make a video, or a virtual visit of your exclusive property! By doing so, you will help the future owner to project himself more easily within the property: this is almost half the work that will already be done!

And for exclusive properties that need work, or in which it is difficult to project yourself because of the decoration, think of tools like Rhinov to create incredible before and after pictures.


In order to give substance to your advertisement and add value to it, it will be necessary to tailor it to the property.

A property, whatever it is, has its own specificities, and it will be up to you to work according to its strengths and weaknesses. Know that you have everything to gain: by working in this direction, the buyer contacts that you will create will be much easier because word of mouth will work at full speed.

So, are you ready to go all out to make your exclusivity stand out?