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Restaurants: VITRINEMEDIA boots your communication

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If you are a restaurant owner, you know that the success of your establishment depends, among other things, on effective communication.

Whether you are talking about a high-end restaurant or a fast food restaurant, the communication levers to be activated are roughly the same: an eye-catching frontage, POS (Point of Sale Advertising) skilfully distributed in front of and inside the restaurant, or quality visuals of the dishes offered together on a clear and well-designed menu.

VITRINEMEDIA can assist you in setting up your communication.

We will show you how in the following lines.


Before we present our solutions, let's start by listing some tips on how to get customers into your business.

First of all, as we mentioned in the introduction, your sign should perfectly reflect who you are and what you offer. Remember to work on your logo so that it is easily recognisable (for example, who needs to read "McDonald's" written in full to recognise the logo?)

Business cards are also important. They should contain important information for the customer to remember, such as your type of cuisine, your opening hours and days, and the different ways of contacting you: email, telephone, website, etc.

Also think about keeping your social networks up to date: they will allow your customers to find out about your latest news and to see what's going on behind the scenes.

The customer's journey through the restaurant and the menus should not be overlooked. Thanks to well placed screens with the right content, your customers will save time when choosing their order.

Effective communication is one of the keys to the success of your establishment.



From the business card to the LED screen, VITRINEMEDIA offers you multiple solutions to boost your communication. Here are some examples:

VM Studio

A genuine communication agency located within VITRINEMEDIA, our VM STUDIO is at your disposal to create all your print and digital content.

From the business card (not to be overlooked for a restaurant) to the display of your menus (via LED light displays or LCD screens), including the highlighting of your most desirable specialities, the VM STUDIO will do its utmost to develop an original communication in your image.


Enhance your window menus with our VM ONE HYBRID, a double poster holder that can be used in both portrait and landscape mode. The visibility of your display will not only be maximum, but also remarkable!

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The VM DUO's screen is double-sided and dynamic, which is ideal for making a fast food restaurant more dynamic: in the dining room, it will permanently display the various menus and other special offers available to all your customers.

The big plus? Its compatibility with VM DISPLAY , a digital signage software that will manage the content of all your screens, in the easiest way possible.

Even at night, thanks to the brightness of our LED panels and LCD screens, all restaurants will remain highly visible. This brightness will also stand out on small storefronts or on busy shopping streets, where competition is fierce. It is of course possible to adjust the brightness of our LCD screens so that they do not dazzle more than necessary, especially at night.

Restaurant owners, we are at your disposal to answer all your questions on this subject: do not hesitate to contact us!