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Thibault Guillaume interviewed by BFM Business



Nicolas Doze, economic editorialist for BFM Business, interviewed Thibault Guillaume, founder of VITRINEMEDIA, as part of his #JMleco programme. From the news of the Boulogne-Billancourt-based company to that of real estate, we tell you about this fascinating exchange in the following lines.

After talking about the creation of VITRINEMEDIA and the reasons that led the company to specialise in the field of real estate, Thibault Guillaume gave an update on the new features of the last few months, in particular VISIBBLE ADS.

This brand new VITRINEMEDIA service, dedicated to real estate professionals, was born during the 1st confinement. Faced with the restrictions put in place, particularly for property visits, real estate agents expressed the need to have a tool that facilitates virtual property visits and the sharing of ads on social networks.

Thanks to VISIBBLE ADS, real estate agents now have access to this tool, which is an integral part of the customer journey, just like the traditional agency or classic visit. This service allows to accelerate the choice and the reflection of the customers about the purchase of a property. This is excellent news for all estate agents in France!

It will have escaped no one's notice that the real estate market has undergone several transformations over the past year. Loan rates are historically low and the market is tight, as there are fewer properties available than buyers.

The desire of the French to move to the provinces continues, and the demand for teleworking is increasing: this is a new opportunity for real estate agencies located in these territories.

In the years to come, real estate will be a real performance asset, an essential financial refuge. Now is the time to buy, and as soon as possible!


Questioned by Nicolas Doze on the new climate law which targets, among other things, illuminated and animated signs in shop windows, Thibault Guillaume was philosophical. According to him, it is normal to propose ecological solutions given the world we live in and the environmental realities.

However, business must continue to run and the president of VITRINEMEDIA is convinced that it will be necessary to find a balance on this subject.

However, ecology remains a real business issue. VITRINEMEDIA has understood this and is thinking about a label for its customers, which allows them to learn to be more environmentally friendly without changing everything. We will come back to this new label in an article in the near future.