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Did you know? It takes a pedestrian an average of 3-5 seconds to pass a shop window; that's just enough time to pick up the messages being broadcast and record them.

But how do you do that? Although there is no universal rule for choosing the best layout for your shop window, there are a few tips to make your agency or point of sale as visible and attractive as possible!


Start by focusing on light! Day or night, your shop window will be visible and your communications consultable, even outside opening hours. This will enable you to reach all passers-by, even late or after 5 p.m. on autumn and winter evenings.

In addition, the light enh ances what you display in the window. The pictures are more attractive, with more intense colours and better contrasts, which encourages more potential customers to linger in front of your shop and enter.

In addition, the light enhances what you display in the window.



There's nothing better than a display case that you can change the layout of regularly! Choose LED displays and hybrid LCD screens so you can switch between portrait and landscape communications.

For example, the VM Light&Play range, with screens available in 1000 or 1500 cd/m2 brightness, offers LCD screens that can be adapted in seconds to portrait or landscape format. The fixing systems common to the LED panel ranges allow you to change their orientation with a single hand in the shop window, and the content control software allows you to change the orientation of the media to be displayed in two clicks.

This will allow you to vary the content and present passers-by with a window display that they will not tire of and that will make them want to be consulted regularly to find out about new offers or exclusive services. What's more, this change in layout will also allow you to communicate regularly on your social networks by presenting a different window display each time, which will certainly arouse the curiosity and interest of new customers.

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The content you display in your shop window will make the difference and set you apart from your competitors. For this, bet on the combination of LED displays and LCD screens. For example, for a real estate agency, LED displays can be used to display properties for sale or rent, while LCDs can be used to highlight your services, your team, your news and specific properties, such as atypical or exclusive properties.

For your LCD screen, rely on the solutions integrated into the content management software to have access to exclusive seasonal content that will support your communications throughout the year: Mother's Day, Father's Day, sports highlights of the year, back-to-school, July 14, etc. This is what the VM LIBRARY, VITRINEMEDIA's exclusive content library, offers, for example, to VM LIVE users.

As for LED displays, don't skimp on the quality of the photos and advertisements you wish to highlight: visual communication has a very important role to play in the customer journey and the decision to buy. The more visually appealing your shop window is, the more likely you are to broaden your target audience and entice people in.

And above all, you will have the best argument to convince potential sellers to entrust you with their goods, ideally exclusively! It's logical: every seller wants the most beautiful setting for their property, and the quality of the photos or content you display will prove that you are the team or agency best placed to get the best out of their house or flat.

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Finally, don't limit yourself to basic communication, vary the content and formats to give yourself good visibility.

Are you recruiting? Make it known! You have a great team? Show it off! Have you sold a property in less than a week? Display it and claim your average time to sell a property as an exclusive!

These are the examples that will make the difference and set you apart from your competitors. Know how to find the right balance between your direct communication to sell (your current offers and promotions, properties available for sale or rent) and that around your activity, which will show your expertise from a new angle (visuals of the areas in which you are established, presentation of your team members, recruitment campaigns).

Varying your communication will allow you to renew the interest of potential clients when they pass by your agency or sales outlet, but also to highlight other aspects of your business, such as the relational and human aspects, for example.

As a real communication tool, your shop window is also a reflection of your expertise, which is why it is essential to take care of its appearance and to display as much content about your goods and services as about your team and your expertise, your specificities, your added value,

The use of illuminated displays and dynamic screens will allow you to be visible even from the opposite pavement and to offer an additional attractiveness to your offers.

For the rest, use new and different content that you change regularly to arouse the interest of passers-by and turn potential prospects into customers.