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VM AIR WALL - Wall-mounted screen


The VM AIR WALL is an ultra-bright screen enhanced by extendable wall fixings and a rear cover. This LCD screen support has a sober, uncluttered design, giving pride of place to the content displayed. Its customisable rear cover and horizontal mats hide all the cables in a minimal space. The customisable rear cover will also enhance the interior of your point of sale.

  • Brightness: Up to 4000 cd/m².
  • Screen resolution: 1920x1080 Full HD
  • Orientation: Horizontal
  • Available in 49, 55 and 75 inch sizes.

Window display fitted with a personalised rear screen. Photo taken from inside an estate agency.

The premium screen that enhances your shop window and the interior of your point of sale.

Extendable wall mounts

The VM AIR WALL is fixed to the wall using 4 anchor points (two on each side) via two extendable horizontal poles. Its design allows it to be adapted to any space, from 1.89 m to 2.6 m between two walls. It can also be adapted to smaller spaces, from 1.10m upwards, after the stand has been cut to size by the installer.

These fixings also allow you to choose the height of your screen, so you can save a lot of space.

Photo of the wall fixings for the VM Airwall screen.

1920x1080 (16:9)

Up to
4000 cd/m2

rear cover


Photo of a personalised back cover with a photograph of a monument.

A customisable rear cover

Printed on a resistant fabric, the visual can be customised according to your preferences: your company logo, a photo or a visual from our catalogue. Illuminated or not, it can be attached directly to your screen, allowing you to present attractive visuals inside your point of sale. In the backlit version, the brightness can be adjusted directly from your smartphone.