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LCD screens for dynamic window displays and advertising displays

Dynamic screen: the display solution for shop windows and shops

Are you looking for an effective, modern way of communicating with your customers, prospects or staff? Do you want to enhance your brand image, publicise your offers, news or practical information? Do you want to draw the attention of passers-by to your shop window or point of sale? Then you need a dynamic screen!


An intuitive and dynamic solution for your business

The VM Eco Smart Display is an excellent choice for your shop window, specially designed to illuminate your shop windows even in direct sunlight.

The VM Eco Smart Display has a very low energy consumption and offers an excellent quality for your shop window or the interior of your company.

VM LCD STAND   Render View full + Cache arriere 01   Purple copie


Hybrid LCD screen on cables, walls or supports. Compatible with LED display columns in windows.

21.5 or 24 inches.

Small screen
1500 or 2000 cd/m²
Compatible with LED columns


The ultra-bright VM Verybright screen with wall mounting and rear cover. Premium fixings with adaptive height and width.

49 or 55 inches.

Large screen
Wall mounting
4000 cd/m²
Landscape format


Large, high-brightness screen wall. Tailor-made assembly of 4 screens. Screen partitioning available.

Up to 4 55-inch screens combined.

Screen partition
Made-to-measure format
Broadcast a single image or several


Range of screens for shop windows and interiors. Several configurations available including dual screens one above the other.

49, 55, 75 inches - single or dual screens.

5 configurations available
Dual screens
4000 cd/m²
Rear cover


Large-format, high-brightness LCD display for shop windows. Attract attention in any environment. 

49, 55 or 75 inches

Large screen
Stand mounting
4000 cd/m²
Portrait or landscape format


The double-sided screen for simultaneous communication in shop windows and interiors. 

55 inches.

Double-sided screen
Portrait format
3000 cd/m² outdoors | 1000cd/m² indoors

Visibble Display: Digital display software

Visibble Display is our digital display software that allows you to control content delivery to all your Vitrinemedia LCD screens from a single platform.

The software allows you to create playlists for each of your dynamic screens and automate content delivery.

You can also access a large bank of ready-to-broadcast videos: engage passers-by, create interaction, offer property valuations, share your social networks,...

You can also use your own video content or ask our communications agency to create customised videos for you.

Visibble Display

Why use a Vitrinemedia dynamic screen?

Column of small video screens suspended by cables

To attract attention

LCD screens offer a modern and captivating visual solution for showcasing your products and communications in an attractive way. Vitrinemedia screens offer high brightness, suitable for any environment, and automatically adjust during the day to reduce energy consumption.

Double illuminated screens in an estate agency window.

Showcase your assets

Thanks to their high-resolution dynamic display technology, LCD screens showcase your products in a more immersive and realistic way. All Vitrinemedia screens come with Visibble Display (formerly VM Live), our content delivery software, which enables you to create beautiful presentations of your products.

A man looks at property advertisements on a window screen

Stand out from the crowd

Using an LCD screen in your shop windows means you stand out from the crowd and offer your prospects and customers a premium way of communicating. It's also a way of making an impression and allowing passers-by to interact with you right from the window via QR codes: request contacts, obtain more information about your products or even sign up for your offers.