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La vostra vetrina su misura | Espositori, schermi e insegne

Illustration of made-to-measure window displays


Following a growing demand for customised installations, VITRINEMEDIA has set up a technical design office to meet your requirements.

Our team of engineers intervenes upstream to collect your needs, validate the feasibility of the project and define the prerequisites for installation and fitting out work.

Once the project has been accepted, our mission is to monitor the various trades until the project is delivered.

We will be delighted to accompany you in your projects.

Visita tecnica

During the technical visit, the installation requirements and layout work are defined and we anticipate the technical particularities.

Visita virtuale

The environment is digitally reproduced in order to anticipate technical constraints and have the final rendering validated by the client.


Our engineers contact the various service providers to monitor and validate the installation work.


We deliver the project to the client on the day of installation and ensure that it functions properly.

Avete un progetto per la vostra vetrina o il vostro negozio?
Discutiamo delle vostre idee!

Studio di caso - De Ferla


De Ferla called on our design office for its branch in the 5th borough of Paris.

In order to attract the attention of passers-by, the agency opted for a large LCD screen VM WALL which gives a strong visibility from the outside and effectively allows to highlight its most important properties. 

Our team worked on custom-made fixings to hold the screen from the two side walls. The back cover and the front sign were made by the VITRINEMEDIA Agency to respect the De Ferla identity both inside and outside.


L'elegante agenzia immobiliare

Villaret Immobilier called on VITRINEMEDIA for the design of its façade and its shop window.

With the aim of optimising space, our team worked on a double 49 inch LCD screen with discreet fixings in order to present two properties on video at the same time. On the other side of the window, Villaret Immobilier has equipped itself with two double-sided VM TWO columns to present properties both inside and outside. 

We also made their two front signs.