Romain Cartier Formations


Originally from Dijon, Romain Cartier began working in real estate in 1993. Today he runs a real estate agency in downtown Dijon as well as a training organization.

He has been working as a coach and trainer all over France with real estate agents for the past 20 years.

He also offers conferences on topics related to real estate and more particularly on real estate marketing.

You probably met him at the RENT trade show which is held every year in Paris!

Romain is also well known in the world of real estate thanks to his book "Selling real estate better" released in 2019 with VITRINEMEDIA and Opinion System.

Since 2014 he has also been working as a host alongside Stéphane Plaza for the TV show Recherche appartement ou maison.

Romain Cartier is also a radio host! Since 2017, he has been working as a radio host for Radio Immo in its program "Romain en aparté", twice a month. 

Romain Cartier is also above all our ambassador! You can discover Romain Cartier's very good advice on our Youtube channel.


Romain Cartier offers you different types of training courses: 

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You know a little more about Romain and you would like to participate in one of his trainings?

Nothing could be simpler! Go to his website to choose the course that suits you and become a real estate expert! 

Discover Romain Cartier's tips for getting back to business after the lockdown!