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Who does the real estate agent work with?

We aren't teaching you anything new when we say being a real estate agent is above all a human profession! The interpersonal makes for an important shar...

Reading 3 min • 29 October, 2019

Car dealerships : why and how to communicate?

Communicating in a modern way within a car dealership is now within the reach of many companies thanks to a variety of highly effective techniques. Ther...

Reading 3 min • 25 October, 2019

Radio.immo joins the Palmares de l'Immobilier

The Palmarès de l'immobilier (Real Estate Awards) is back for its 6th edition. This year, Radio.Immo, the audiovisual media of reference for professiona...

Reading 3 min • 23 October, 2019

How to communicate inside a real estate agency?

While the window is often the main focus of attention and communication spending for a real estate agency, you should not neglect the interior of your spac

Reading 3 min • 22 October, 2019

Where should a real estate agency communicate?

In a first article, we discussed the communication elements to be used within your real estate agency. However, these elements cannot be displayed on every

Reading 3 min • 20 October, 2019

Real estate agency : what to communicate about?

The communication elements that can be used within a real estate agency are manifold: whether it is about telling your story (storytelling), highlightin...

Reading 3 min • 19 October, 2019